Friday, October 29, 2010


Sitting here. Been in this chair for 49 hours straight now. Just sipping Nyquil. Just shooting the bugs. Never knew the bugs were there. All this time. Hmmmm. Nyquil makes your vision better. Smoke is getting a little thick in here. Turn the fan back on. There's two more bugs. Gone now. Kinda glad I ran out of the .38's. Went to using .22's. Quieter. Quieter is good. Get another handkerchief for the snot. Another round of Nyquil, while I'm up. Two more bugs on the way to the fridge. Neat, the way the bullet holes in the floor and walls heal and close up. Hmmmm. Rinse my mouth out with a little orange juice. Reload. CCI's are much better on the bugs than the Federals. I think when I get over my cold, I will start a Nyquil delivery service. Dang, took three shots for that one. I am surely not the only who has noticed. No place to get the good stuff after midnite. Too far to Humboldt. Reload. Think I'll play with the auto a while. Revolver has to be. Reloaded too often. Brrrr. Hate I hit the window while ago. Need duct tape. Need ear plugs. Need more Nyquil. Need a shirt with sleeves. Need more sleep. Yep, auto works better. Except for the hulls it throws. Out! All over the floor.Bugs can hide in the empty hulls. Rats. Back to the revolver. Neater. Dump empty hulls in garbage. No hide out for bugs. Nother round for me. Getting a little sleepy. Can't sleep in here with all. These bugs. Think I'll go out and sleep in the truck. Bugs can't get in the truck. Can they? I'll carry my Nyquil and gun and a couple. Boxes of bullets wiff me. Just in case. Nite All. Bad thing to have a cold, croup, flu, distemper whatever and just run outta sleep. Imagination keeps on going.


  1. So this is what you're gonna post after a 6 munt absence?

  2. Can't remember when I laughed so much. Thanks.