Monday, April 15, 2013

My Retirement Journey

Day 1, April 11, 2013 Well, I retired on April 4 of this year. Elaine and myself have promised ourselves a trek as soon as it happened. On last Thursday, we hooked up to the popup and headed west. The first stop was in Russellville Ark. The Mission Campground. Nice enough campground but right beside a railroad track. All night long, every 18 minutes, a train came by, blowing his whistle incessantly. No sleep for us! However, this might have been good, had we gone to sleep, we might have frozen to death! Had ICE on the tonneau cover Friday Morning! Brought a ham rig but left the antenna laying in the garage, no communications. Night 2. Okmulga, Oklahoma. Campground on Dribbling Springs Lake. More like it, no trains. We set up camp and went to sleep quickly. Slept like rocks, we did. Had to run one heater to stay comfy. We got up Saturday morning and went north (without the trailer) to check out the world famous Route 66. What a letdown. Bout like any 2 lane country road you ever saw. Nothing to write home about. Not even a souvenir stand.After about 50 miles of this, we backtracked and stopped at a Creek Nation Casino. I LIKE THIS PLACE! Day 4:We left Oklahoma behind and set out for Texas. Before we left OKEY tho', stopped for food and souvenirs at a big store along I-40. Really great place to stop and eat. Now on to Amarillo. Decided to stay a couple of nights in a motel and sleep in a for real bed. Found a LaQuinta that would let Maggie stay too so we checked in for a couple of days. Well, Amarillo weren't too bad a town. We went to the Cadillac ranch. Here are a couple pi pix. Then we went to the Texas Steak House, thats the place you get a 72 oz steak for free if you can eat it. I didn't try. Ate a 14 oz that I paid for. Then we visited the American Quarterhorse museum and an old steam engine. Then on Tuesday it was off to Santa Rosa NM for a couple of nights in the Santa Rosa RV park. Their claim to fame is the big blue hole, a giant hole of clear blue water for scuba diving or snorkeling. Also in Santa Rosa was a really neat old car museum. Leaving Santa Rosa on Wednesday morning we went for a while and spent the night in a little hole in the wall rv park outside the Dancing Eagle Casino. The wind was gusting at 50 mph, we had a helluva time setting up. I thought the camper was going to take off airborne. It got down to 25 degrees in the night. We had two electric heaters going and multiple blankets and still like to have froze to death. Left there Thursday morning and more will follow....

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  1. Happy Trails! Sounds like fun so far! My kind of agenda, just exploring. Love yall!